The best bitcoin escrow service for your needs.

We understand what people are looking for in a escrow payment system, first-rate security, ease of use, dispute resolution and quick disbursement of funds all while being fully compliant. We also included Private Chat, User Ratings and Instant Alerts, just to spice things up a bit.

zephyr Escrow Limited's automated escrow service is beautifully designed from top to bottom both visually, and programmatically to make it incredibly easy to use. It's simple to get started. Our intuitive design helps you get started right away with your first transaction.


Release When Satisfied

When bitcoins are locked in escrow, only you decide when you want to release it.

Dispute In Case

Can't release bitcoins because job is not complete? Easily dispute it and let us help you.

Set Your Terms

When you create a new bitcoin escrow, you set the terms of the transaction so that they must be met before you can release coins.

Dedicated Support Team

zephyr Escrow Limited users get a guaranteed 6-hour response time on all active disputes by users.

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Powerful And Easy-To-Use

We provide powerful dashboard to manage contracts and contact the other party directly.

You will be notified of any change and progress in contract or message from the other party by email and notifications.

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Made to grow with your business

100% Encrypted

Everything, including your account information, activity logs and transaction information is encrypted. You are in full control of your data.

Full-Featured Bitcoin Wallet

You can use zephyr Escrow Limited as an escrow service or a bitcoin wallet service. Deposit, store, and withdraw your bitcoins at any time.

Dispute System

Take comfort in our excellent dispute system that makes your transaction extra-safe in case of an argument. We will help resolve a dispute by looking at the hardcore facts.

Secure Escrow System

Money locked in escrow that will not be released to either party until the transaction is complete. Funds are stored in escrow until the given task is completed and verified by you.



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