Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we use Bitcoin for trading in the escrow system?

    Yes, Bitcoin escrow trades are completely possible on Automatic Escrow Users can use Bitcoin to purchase goods and services via escrow trades. Additionally, it is possible to trade Bitcoin with other cryptocurrencies using escrow contracts on Automatic Escrow So yes, escrow Bitcoin trading is fully possible using Automatic Escrow

  • What Can I Buy and/or Sell through Automatic Escrow?

    You can buy and/or sell anything you want using Automatic Escrow, including: all sorts of vehicles, all sorts of services, real estate, jewelry, antiques, electronics, general merchandise, etc.

  • How Does Automatic Escrow Guarantee the Security of a Contract?

    Automatic Escrow provides an unparalleled level of security with the MultiSig wallet technology, which requires the private keys from all the parties involved in a contract in addition to the private key of the escrow agent in order to get access. Thus, no one can take money out of it without the consent of all the parties involved and with the permission of the escrow agent. Therefore, the security of the trades is fully taken into account in escrow contracts.

  • What Is a MultiSig Wallet?

    MultiSig or Multisignature wallet is an electronic wallet that requires, as the name suggests, multiple signatures to open. A MultiSig wallet requires three digital keys to be opened, which are the signatures, so to speak, or the digital keys of the buyer, seller, and the escrow agent.

  • What If the Other Party Is Not an Automatic Escrow Member?

    If the other party with whom you want to engage in a financial trade is not a member of the Automatic Escrow, you can easily invite them to register on our website.

  • Why Use Automatic Escrow?

    By using Automatic Escrow, you are guaranteed to be provided with a measure of protection, so you can safely buy and/or sell goods and/or services online. Automatic Escrow uses MultiSig (Multisignature) wallet technology, which is a digital wallet that requires three signatures (buyer’s, seller’s, and the escrow agent’s) to release the funds, to guarantee the safety of the buyer’s financial assets and also to guarantee that the seller is fully compensated after the delivery of goods and/or services.

  • What Are the Different Roles in Escrow?

    In any escrow arrangement, there are three main roles; seller, buyer, and the escrow agent. Seller is the person who is willing to offer specific goods and/or services to be sold. Buyer is the person who wants to purchase the goods and/or services offered by the seller. Escrow agent is the entity that oversees that the trade is done properly, the seller is compensated fully, and the buyer has received the promised goods and/or services.