How It Works

  • Getting Started

    Create an Account
    That's the first thing. You must have an account to use our escrow service.

    Verify your Email Address
    Check your email to complete your account registration process.

  • Setting Up Wallet

    Deposit Bitcoins To start an escrow with someone, you need bitcoins in your account. You can send bitcoins to your zephyr Escrow Limited account from another wallet. zephyr Escrow Limited, on top of being an escrow service, is also a bitcoin wallet!

  • Setting Up Transaction

    Create New Transaction
    Start a new escrow transaction and provide a time frame, amount, and other information related to the transaction. You must know your partner's username on zephyr Escrow Limited so that you can start a transaction with them.

    Set The Terms
    You must set the terms that must be met before bitcoins are released. The terms are something that must be completed by your transaction partner before you can release the money.

    Wait For Acceptance
    Your partner can either accept or decline the transaction. If they accept, you can no longer cancel the transaction

  • Transaction Ongoing

    Ongoing Transaction
    Once they accept, the transaction is considered ongoing. You can no longer cancel the transaction as the money is locked in escrow. Your partner can feel safe knowing that they will receive bitcoins that are locked in escrow after completing this transaction.

    Wait For Partner to Finish Task
    Once your partner has finished the task, they can mark it as complete.
    For example, if your partner was supposed to write you an essay, they must send you the essay before marking it as complete. Of course, if they physically mailed the essay to you, for instance, they can simply mark the transaction as complete by providing a tracking number. However, you can wait until you receive the package and examine it to ensure you go the right package.

    Verify Task and Release Bitcoins
    Once you have checked and made sure that the task is complete, you can release bitcoins.

    Dispute Transaction
    If you are not satisfied with the transaction, you can dispute the transaction and a staff member will be assigned to your case to help resolve the dispute.

  • Finishing Up

    Funds Released Transaction has been successfully completed and funds have been transferred to your partner's wallet. They can now withdraw funds or use them on more transactions!